About Us

Hello! We are Anna and Dimitris. We love wakeboarding and wake surfing and want to share our passion with you!

It all started few seasons before, during the lockdown. We used to come to the beach and wanted to try something new like water-sports.  Like that we met our captain Stefanos, who gave us first impressions and emotions of water sports. We tried wakeboarding and fell in love with it.

 From that time we find any opportunity to get on a board and catch the wave. We had issue that in Cyprus it is really difficult to find a proper boat and a good wake and we decided to buy our own boat. So here we are now with our new Malibu M220,  where we would like to share an experience of quality wakeboarding and wake surfing sessions.

What we offer

Blue Tiger offers a range of high-quality wake boats with various features and specifications designed to cater to the needs of wakeboarding enthusiasts and professionals.


Lessons are for all levels and ages


Our prices include instructor
(Wakeboard and wake surf)


Upon request water skiing and mono ski are also possible


Boat model Malibu M220 2022


High quality boards for surf and wakeboarding are available for all sizes (including kids)


High quality life vests and other gear all included in price.

Do you want to start surfing now?

Enjoy wakeboarding and wake surfing rides with Blue Tiger. Even if you are beginner or expert you can enjoy perfect wake and a good instructor helping you for your first time ride.