Wake Surf & Wakeboard

We love WAKEBOARDING and WAKE SURFING and want to share this passion with you. Welcome on board of our beautiful Malibu M220 wake boat and enjoy its perfect wake and comfort.

Limassol, CY
2:19 am, July 24, 2024
Wind: 11 mph
Pressure: 1002 mb
Visibility: 9 km
Sunrise: 5:52 am
Sunset: 7:56 pm

Wake surf

The rider trails behind the boat, riding the boat’s wake. Riders can surf on the wake and even do exciting tricks.


Wakeboarding is for those who love the euphoric feeling of extreme sports. The rider follows the boat on a board, holding the rope and performs different tricks and jumps, using the boat’s wake.


Enjoy wakeboarding and wake surfing rides with Blue Tiger. Even if you are beginner or expert you can enjoy perfect wake and a good instructor helping you for your first time ride.

How it looks

Riding a board over the water while being towed behind a boat, performing tricks and jumps in the air. Wakesurfing is similar to surfing, but on a smaller board and behind a boat, riding the boat’s wake and carving smooth waves. Both are exhilarating water sports that offer a lot of fun and excitement on the water.

Do you want to start surfing now?

We offer also online booking. If you would like to book a wakeboard or wake surfing session with us you can submit online your request